What peers, readers, and critics say about Josh’s work

He is always thinking about the stories of [Philadelphia]…he frequently finds himself mulling over cultural conflicts trying to gather information, trying to understand the things that unite us and the things that separate.”

New York Times Bestselling Author, Playwright, and Commentator R. Eric Thomas

His work is mesmerizing, not just a unique point of view but excellent writing, too.”

The Society of Professional Journalists Keystone Chapter

Writer and occasional bomb thrower Josh Kruger reveals himself through a fierce, revelatory prose that lays bare all that he is or has ever been…His work has wit and intimacy, and he’s been known to infuriate readers. In other words, he is a writer that demands to be read.”

Award-winning Writer And HIV Advocate Mark S. King

Crying like a baby every day. Wah, not enough Wawas. Wah, the police are staring at me. Wah, too many cars on the road.”

Twitter User @jpdubs69

Obviously a Delusional Douchebag who thinks very highly of [himself] and looking at [his] Bio I see why When [he] look[s] in the mirror [he] see[s] an Asshole.”

Twitter User @BrianNa94270461

Most of the time I completely disagree with Josh but he’s always respectful and he is always willing to have a conversation.”

Twitter User @OvellaNegra11



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